Santa in the Sand

Santa in the Sand combines the traditional Santa visit and a Family Portrait Shoot all in one stress free experience. During booking process, you are encouraged to share something about each child, for instance; favorite cartoon, favorite athlete, or maybe you’d like Santa to acknowlede something special that may have just recently occurred. Santa takes this information and uses it to customize your children’s visit. While Santa is working his magic, I’m paying close attention to the moments as they unfold, capturing the expressions and pure joy in you and your children’s faces as each of you enjoy your visit with us at Santa in the Sand.

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About Mark

I was introduced to Photography at the age of 8 when I stumbled upon my Grandma’s old 136mm film camera. I remember running around pretending to take pictures with it, until my Grandma started buying me film and that’s when the fun really started. It wasn’t until I got older when I realized that I had a naturally developed “mind’s eye”. It was at El Camino College where the teachers were able nurture my skill set, I then really started to take my Photography seriously. I’m an admirer of legends who’s work continue to inspire me;  Edward Weston, Vivian Maier, Robert Capa, Annie Leibovitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Ansel Adams and Herb Ritts to name just a few. Photography has exposed me to so many wonderful people and at the same time provided me with so many memorable experiences. I have two amazing sons; Aiden and Weston, a wonderful step-daughter, Gigi and my beautiful wife Angie, all of whom find themselves in front of my camera more than they probably like. Now that you know a little about me, tell me a little about yourself and let’s create some beautiful images.

About Santa

I am Santa Greg Ferguson, “The Original” Santa in the Sand. I Started

portraying the Jolly Ole guy 38 years ago when I found a suit on the

clearance rack at a store. I surprised my daughter and her Classmates

at her preschool that year. Then seven years ago while shopping

I found a suit at Target on the clearance rack. I bought it and did

a few Family parties for my extended family. My wife saw how much I

enjoyed it and asked if I ever thought of doing it professionally. I did

some internet searching and found the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded

Santa’s. By joining the group I learned a lot. I bought an Adele’s of

Hollywood suit, had some pictures taken and started booking my own gigs.

I did more research and did Mall relief for one of the Photo companies.

In June of 2015 during a chance meeting I met Mark and

Santa in The Sand was born. I have enjoyed working with Mark so much I

consider him Family. I portray Santa not for myself but for the joy it

brings when you make a Child’s dreams come true. I should mention

that I have 16 Grandchildren.  My younger Grandchildren tell their friends that their

Grandfather is Santa Claus. I love the feeling of Christmas, the

excitement of children of all ages. May the love you feel at Christmas

carry you through the rest of the year.

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