Covid-19 Safety

    Santa and I are committed to adding some much need normalcy to this 

upcoming Holiday Season, and what better way then enjoying a 

personalized visit with Santa in the Sand? Due to the circumstances 

surrounding COVID19, and to adhere to local regulations Santa and I have 

implemented the following safety measures. These measures are designed 

to help ensure the safety of each child and family member during your 

visit, while still delivering a joyous and memorable experience. Below 

is a list of these measures.


  • Santa will be wearing a Santa Claus mask (one which blends more naturally into his beard). In test shoots this has proven to be less distracting in the pictures as opposed to a solid color or a mask with a design.


  • Social distancing and creative composition will be used in photos that have Santa without a mask.


  • I myself will be wearing a mask as well.


  • Santa will be switching out to clean gloves in between each family (the Elves have been hard at work too, sewing Santa a vast supply of new gloves).


  •  Hand sanitizer will be readily available.


  •  Each individually wrapped Candy Cane that Santa hands out during the visits have been wiped down and sanitized (once again we have enlisted the help a very eager and productive army of Elves).


    We hope to see each of you this upcoming Holiday Season and please 

feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you 

and we wish all of you a very safe and Merry (upcoming) Holiday Season.


Mark & Santa

Santa in the Sand /

Santa in the Wilderness